For Tomorrow    Die Lyrik und Story von Hilda Stern Cohen

Ich hoff’ auf morgen


                                                                      Englische Version

D r y a d  P r e s s, Washington, DC

Hilda Stern Cohen

Words that Burn Within Me: Faith, Values, Survival

Herausgegeben von Werner V. Cohen, Gail Rosen, sowie William Gilcher

Englische Übersetzungen von Elborg Forster

ISBN 13: 978-1-928755-10-4

10 1-928755-10-0

132 Seiten, 21,6 x 21,6 cm

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KOMMENTARE AUS DER PRESSE zu Words that Burn Within Me: Faith, Values, Survival:

George Cohen in Booklist (American Library Association), vol. 105(2), 15. September 2008:

Cohen’s book records the poetry and prose that she wrote during the four years she was imprisoned by the Nazis in the Lodz ghetto in Poland and in Auschwitz concentration camp. In 1945 she was sent on one of the heinous death marches, which took her to the women’s camp in Ravensbruck, where she was liberated by Soviet troops. In 1997, after Cohen’s death, her husband found her seven notebooks. The Research Center for Holocaust Literature at the University of Giessen published the German originals in 2003. This book was translated into English by Elborg Forster. Cohen’s husband says that the situations described and insights conveyed in the poems, along with the prose pieces, reflect her need to preserve “one’s moral values in a world of utter brutality and degradation.” She writes, “The girls were hanged. We had to stand all day and watch the hangings.” The book poignantly documents the years of Cohen’s appalling imprisonment. – George Cohen

Washington Jewish Week, 16. Oktober 2008:

Aaron Leibel, Arts Editor, of Washington Jewish Week, commented:

“This is a powerful memoir by a very courageous and perceptive woman. It is her keen observations, especially of fellow prisoners in the Lodz ghetto and at Auschwitz, along with the translations of poems and prose she wrote while in Nazi captivity during the Holocaust, that make this book unique.”

Im Internet und im Radio zu hören:

eine 60-minütige Radiosendung “The Poet and the Poem from the Library of Congress” mit Grace Cavalieri (Moderatorin) und Werner Cohen, Gail Rosen, sowie William Gilcher

Bei der Aufnahme im Studio der Library of Congress in Washington am 7. Oktober 2008

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