For Tomorrow    Ich hoff’ auf morgen

The Story and Poetry of Hilda Stern Cohen


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“For Tomorrow” is an unusual presentation—part theater, part storytelling, part music, part prayers, part chant. The 90-minute program on the life and poetry of German-born Holocaust survivor Hilda Stern Cohen (1924-1997) is divided into a series of vignettes, based on episodes in Hilda Stern Cohen’s life as recounted to Gail Rosen. These vignettes are framed by chanted Hebrew prayers, the prayers that Hilda prayed daily. Hilda’s poems, some spoken, some set to music by William Gilcher and sung in German by Elizabeth Bolton poignantly evoke her experience. The result is a uniquely moving program that reaches to the hearts and the minds of audiences, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

This presentation is also available as originally presented, without music, as a powerful solo performance by Gail Rosen.

As Hilda Stern Cohen’s husband, Dr. Werner V. Cohen, recently noted: “Hilda created a voice out of the inferno that illuminated the position of those who were victims and what they stood for, and the position of the oppressors and what they stood for. Who were the victims that Hilda was speaking for? They were people of common decency and common aspirations for achieving some good as they saw it. They were good people. Who were the adversaries? They were representatives of people whose highest ideal was the attainment of absolute power, totally outside of morality.” Hilda’s life thus gives us a glimpse of what is decent, good, and moral and reminds us of how this can be attained in the world—even in a world surrounded by evil and destruction.


a feature-length film (90 minutes), shot on location in Germany, Poland, Austria, and the USA, where the story actually happened. Available for home and educational use.

In addition to live performances, we have created a performance-based film centered on Gail Rosen’s dramatic telling of the story of Hilda Stern Cohen (1924-1997), a Holocaust survivor, poet, and Jewish educator whose remarkable life spans an idyllic childhood in a small rural village in Germany, the horrors of the Łódź Ghetto and Auschwitz, the limbo of a displaced persons camp in Austria, and the redemptive value of spirituality and a reclaimed Jewish identity in post World-War II America.

Shooting of the English version in Germany, Poland, Austria, and the USA was largely completed in 2007, with some additional shooting done in October 2008. The DVD is available for home and educational use contact

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For Tomorrow / Ich hoff’ auf morgen:

    The Story and Poetry

    of Hilda Stern Cohen

Left: Hilda, Gmunden, Austria 1945.

Right: Class photo in Nieder-Ohmen, 1933


Left: Gail Rosen and Werner Cohen, Nieder-Ohmen, Germany, 2003


Words that Burn Within me, English book  available from Dryad Press.

DVD (English or German) available from the Producers

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Family photos from the collection of Werner V. Cohen  © 2003-2009 by Werner V. Cohen. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Photograph of Gail Rosen and Werner V. Cohen in Nieder-Ohmen/Mücke, Germany by Eve Rennebarth. Used by permission. Image from Hilda Stern Cohen’s original notebooks © 2003-2009 by Werner V. Cohen. All rights reserved. Used by permission. Hilda Stern Cohen’s original notebooks are on permanent loan to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Authority, in Jerusalem.